Aerial Drone Tour Film-Great Yarmouth

Commissioned to produce a film featuring the Great Yarmouth Winter Gardens with regards to the building’s potential redevelopment, a brief was developed, and site visits made, to plan the production of an aerial drone tour film of this iconic building.

FlyThruDroneTours of course not only bring the traditional drone filming techniques to the table but also innovative use of FPV (first person view) drones which can fly through buildings, environments and structures. In doing so we could bring the films viewer not only an overview of the town, but also the building exterior, the close environment of the building and the buildings interior and structure. Moreover we could do this in a short space of time, in an immersive interesting way, and shoot sequences which wouldn’t be possible without our fpv drones.

The film was originally planned to be filmed in one day but in practicality due to strict adherence to safety laws we had to split the film into exterior footage and interior footage shot on different days. On the first day of filming a strong wind stopped us filming footage of a drone actually entering and exiting the Winter Gardens building via its main doors, so we concentrated instead on producing the interior footage of this large space.

Inside the building as can be seen in the film are large amounts of scaffold which block a viewers view of the internal structure of the original design particularly if stood below its main tower. With the use of an FPV drone we could draw level with the layers of scaffold and ascend and descend the building’s great height to both show it’s scale and view as much detail as possible. We also planned a route through the scaffold so that the structures of the ceiling of the roof in the lower part of the main part of the building could be viewed closely before descending to floor level to further explore the building.

To the buildings exterior we produced footage of Great Yarmouth as a whole, and then concentrated on the close environment to the Winter Gardens which are busy with tourist attractions. The exterior structure of the building is of interest and aesthetically pleasing so we made sure that we filmed in good natural light and showed again in the final sequence a parallax effect of the building against the town as a landmark strewn backdrop.

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