Building Interior Drone Tour with Infographics

Post pandemic hire of public buildings took a crash as those businesses running classes and activities lost out on income and either halted trading or have taken a long pause until client confidence returns. A recent film we made sought to advertise a tour of the facilities offered by this public building combined with infographics giving as much information to potential hirers about it’s rooms and spaces in the process. The hope is that we’ve created an interesting tour advert that’s a bit more dynamic than the usual and we’ve armed potential clients with information as to what’s on offer and at what cost to them either as an event hire or a long term partner.

Filming this tour we took advantage of an afternoon on which the facility was closed without public access; although filming around people is ok with the drone rig used in this film. We then prepared the spaces, planned a route and flew said route a number of times until a single take we liked was in the bag. The footage is then combined with hire information from the venue to create the film which is then pushed onto social media and Youtube where it can be shared and embedded to be included not only in social media feeds but also on web pages as a direct link.

If you have an interior space you’d like to advertise, or a business you’d like to show behind the scenes footage of, then do get in touch.

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