Business Drone Tour: Norwich Camping and Leisure

Business Drone Tour films can show your clients around your business and also show them what you stock. So if like Norwich Camping and Leisure you have a large range of garden furniture products and want to show the extent of the range you have on display to customers in store: a drone tour film can do just that.

The aim of this assignment was to create a social media and web based film which would show the store’s new stock for the year ahead of a new sales season. The business had previously invested in 360 tours and animated photographic tours of the store in an attempt to introduce customers to the range of products they stock. In this case we aimed to put a film in front of potential customers not only on the website but also on social media that would capture their attention, make them talk and show off the range of products available in a quick, hassle free and interesting format. The added bonus is of course that we captured footage that can be utilised not only in the film itself but also cut for short clips on social media and on website headers etc.

Filming at the beginning of the year on a Sunday morning prior to opening the store we were able to have enough natural light and the freedom of the premises to take an extensive tour of what is a large store. We wanted to create a quick tour so that we wouldn’t run beyond a feasible attention span of watchers on social media, and opted to add infographics to not only inform a viewer naturally from what they could see in the film but let them know what ranges of products were available.

The film is going to be used on the business social media feed, Youtube and website check out the Norwich Camping and Leisure site.

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