City Centre Apartment Tour: Indoor Drone Tour

City centre apartments are rented both on the short stay and holiday rental market in a fast moving market. Traditionally photographs, reviews and Google maps have all acted together as a guide for would be clients as to what the interior and exterior of a property look like, where it is located, and how the experience of others of the property transpired.

However, the interiors of properties are quickly subject to wear and tear and it’s often the case that updates to photography and film of apartment listings are needed where furniture is replaced and updated or features added or removed. Updating visuals for a property though is not an easy matter, particularly if the property is fully booked. Often as an owner or manager of a property you’d like images during the summer months particularly if you have exterior features and this coincides with often the most busy period for rentals. Getting photography and film work done between guests and during cleaning proves a challenge with a photographer often having to follow cleaners as they work. As for renewing films and 360 tours this often doesn’t happen as the expense and effort not mentioning the time needed write this off.

Thankfully then, an indoor drone tour in this case can help you, as the process of filming an indoor drone tour is comparatively quick, as is the film editing, meaning that your film can be ready to market your property quickly. Using a very lightweight drone with enclosed small propellors our very skilled drone pilot can fly through a property creating a film as they do with the drones onboard camera. Generally these films are filmed in “one take” or one single uncut length of film or digital film in this case. This is a quick method both to film and takes less editing meaning our pilot can be in and out of your property almost as quickly as the drone. Where you have exterior areas such as gardens and patios the drone pilot can fly from these into the property and even out again if there’s more to see outside and once more due to the very lightweight of the drone the pilot doesn’t have to worry about flying near to people and other safety related issues that affect larger heavier and less protected drones.

What about the idea of flying around your property, the light weight of the drone and its protected small propellors mean that it doesn’t damage property in flying around your property and the skill of our pilot means that the drone can be flown through doorways, patio doors, windows and more to achieve a unique perspective and connect the living spaces you have on offer to clients.

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