Community Hall Virtual Tour: Strumpshaw, Norfolk

Village and community halls are brilliant buildings to have available to you as an individual seeking to hire a venue for a party or as an organisation wishing to supply an activity or experience for the local population. Strumpshaw community hall is no different. A recent addition to the village it boasts some great facilities and forward thinking trustees who want this valuable space utilised as much as possible.

We recently completed a community hall virtual tour of the building on a lovely sunny day to show off both the interior and exterior of the building. This type of virtual drone tour is an experiential tour in that you fly through the car park and then into the building experiencing the interior and facilities therein much as someone walking into the building might. The advantage of drone tours is that they do enable you to move quickly, keep the camera recording the tour relatively smooth and can traverse obstacles that a human with camera in hand can’t easily: such as the fence at the end of this film.

The filming of this film took about 35 minutes and editing was completed within a couple of days which included proofing the film with the community hall’s committee. The film includes infographics pointing out some of the salient facilities which make this hall unique and which potential hirers could benefit from knowing about prior to utilising the building.

The film is designed to be embedded on a website and used on social media posts as an information film as much as an experiential unique tour film.

We hope you like it and do of course get in touch if you would like a fly through drone tour of your building, facility or footage for a film project.

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