Construction Industry: Site progress drone films

In addition to the fly through aspect of our work which sees us touring the interiors of buildings and entering these from outside we also get asked to produce time lapse style films and images of the progress of construction projects for the construction industry.

This involves regularly visiting sites to document the progress being made in construction. The films and images produced can then be used as a standalone product giving an updated view of how the project is progressing and/or material from which time lapse images and films can be created either at key points in the project or upon it’s completion.

The tech involved rests on creating a flight which can be recreated faithfully using gps recorded waypoints on each visit. The drone footage of both stills and video can then be edited for both website and social media uses.

The film below features such a flight whereby the drone has been programmed to follow a particular flight path and concentrate upon particular features of a project. In the case below the flight has been speed ramped or accelerated for cinematic effect to make the film short and more suitable for social media. When this piece of footage is eventually used in a time-lapse style film the footage will show the transition of this site to include new and renewed buildings. In this case we’re looking at a boat building company Silverline Boat Building based in Brundall in the Norfolk Broads.

The beauty of site progress films is that they can also be combined with fly through footage using the fpv drones at the end of the project so that you not only see how the construction progressed but also see the new buildings from both the exterior and interior in a final film.

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