Content creation: FPV drone films for social media shorts

In a recent conversation with a leisure attraction manager we discussed the fact that a large part of her marketing budget had previously been spent on print advertising, and that the print advertising soon passed it’s sell by date as conditions and things changed on the ground at her attraction. Her future plans marketing budget wise were to utilise social media adverts and the organisations website for marketing purposes, in addition to other online ads.

To this end content creation is the future. It’s quick to bring to fruition and keeps your customers and clients well informed as to your business activity in a timely manner. My FPV drone films are a further example of a format of filming that is quick to produce and also quick to edit and bring to the screen, whether this be a digital advert or social media advert. I’ve surprised myself recently in being able to achieve same day delivery of films for social media campaigns and hope to be able to bring these benefits to a larger list of clients wishing to regularly update their social media content.

Fpv drone filming is quick, it’s not quick to learn and takes hours of practice and a huge knowledge mountain to climb, but once that’s done the results are that you cut through lots of the traditional filming challenges with a hot knife. Editing is also quick, often films can be produced in ‘one take’ or compiled quickly from several similar takes.

It’s been a learning experience, seeing people’s perceptions of FPV drone filming. One recent client who is very experienced with traditionally flown drones being a pilot of a few himself said he was initially shocked to see one of my drones flying through his business (on a practice run) as I was not with it in person but rather flying it from several rooms away. With his own drones he needed direct line of sight between himself and the drone in order to fly it, this isn’t a requirement with the FPV drone as there is an onboard camera the pilot uses to fly the machine. In fact ‘will you be walking behind the drone?’ is a common question. When you’re flying through windows, over water and between things this might be difficult 🙂

This next film pictured and accessible below was a social media short advert to advertise a new putting facility within a golfing shop at Norfolk Premier Golf. It allows you to test out and be fitted for putters. The film took a couple of minutes to film, several attempts to get the ball in the hole. With a traditional gimbal it would have been very difficult but not impossible to film this piece but it would have been something that would have taken some planning and time to complete, whereas in this instance we decided off the cuff to film this short in addition to some other filming that had been taking place that morning.

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