Dry Ski Slope Tour: Leisure Facility Drone Tours

A recent meeting at a local Dry Ski Slope to discuss a fly through drone tour led to a quick demo tour to test range and transmission of the small drone on both the slopes and the facilities interior from the boot room to the bar ahead of hopefully filming there soon. As people’s perception of drones is usually limited to traditional drone systems (usually DJI type drones) it’s good to be able to show a client the first person view drones (FPV) used in our tours and to explain their difference to normal drones.

An FPV drone used for tours is often referred to as a cinewhoop. This is an FPV drone which is designed for filming and usually has protected propellors to make it much safer to fly around people and indoors. The very lightweight and small drone used to film at this site below weighs in at less than 250 grammes which is about the same weight as a hamster. The pilot of the drone controls its every movement with a remote control and can cut the power to the drone in an instant using a fail safe switch. The control of the drone is facilitated by an onboard camera used to fly the drone which is separate from the very lightweight film camera used to produce a film which is also carried onboard. Unlike most traditional drones most of an FPV drones flight is usually at or near ground level as they’re used to film from a perspective similar to our own. There are additional precautions taken flying FPV drones to produce films and one such is the provision of a spotter. The spotter is someone whose job it is to spot any dangers to the flight of the FPV drone and those near to it.

The following flight footage as already mentioned is just a test shoot with willing participants (who enjoyed trying to spot the drone) designed to test the battery range and transmission range against a proposed flight route designed to produce a short film.

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