Fly Through Drone Tour of Gardens

Producing an immersive film experience in which your attention isn’t jarred away from the subject of the film by influences on the camera operation used to be confined to short shots created in Hollywood type productions using dolly equipment or the use of cameras flown smoothly by helicopters. Then came sophisticated, expensive and very technical steadicam systems but again these rely on the camera operator being able to work on prepared ground and with a lot of help, planning and multiple takes. In short producing an immersive film experience was expensive, very difficult and often when involving a helicopter only for wider and less close proximity cinematic shooting.

The era of the fpv fly through drone tour though has changed all of the above. A film or film footage now doesn’t need to be prohibitively expensive, involving a large team of film makers and months of preplanning. A skilled fpv pilot with the right conditions and the correctly tuned fpv drone can create immersive film experiences quickly, and with relative low cost. The drone can be flown in close proximity to features and people and the camera footage can be very smooth, then there’s the fact that the footage can also be flown fast or slow, and can follow subjects through complex manoeuvres and small gaps and rise up and return to eye level all in the same shot, where previously a crew would have struggled or stalled.

The next film was filmed with what remained of the fpv drone battery packs after half a day of filming. It was produced in two takes and can be repeated easily throughout the year to show how the environment in the outdoor garden area changes throughout the seasons. The footage takes in about 400metres of terrain and compresses this into a social media sized film that exposes the viewer to both the beauty of and several environments offered at the garden in question in a short period of time: hence incorporating several aspects of the subject within a viewers usually short attention span. Then there’s the experiential and immersive aspect of the film, it’s first person viewing comparable only to the flight of a bird or similar creatures in varied speed, height and the smooth aspect of the footage. In short hopefully it’s compelling and shows your potential visitor a good amount of your attraction in a short space of time and in a way in which spurs your viewer to take action and visit!

I hope you like this short film, of course you can use short ads like this on social media, website and by putting them under your account on the second biggest search engine Youtube, for extra exposure.

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