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The new age of fpv drones being used to make complete films and adverts and to contribute valuable footage to films including feature films is upon us. Fpv drone films have never been bigger, Michael Bay’s new film Ambulance featuring lots of FPV footage, the BBC’s Green Planet with David Attenborough relying on FPV footage for unique viewpoints and gripping footage, Tesla’s advert for their new Giga Factory in Berlin filmed solely with an FPV drone are testament to this fact. We can use fpv drones to obtain dynamic footage, to produce tours of buildings and facilities, we can use lightweight models around people, fly fast and fly slow and smoothly.

Fly Thru Drone Tours’ adventure with Fpv drones continues, there’s four drones in the fleet, many cameras, lots of batteries and even more flying hours of training and testing. We’ve worked for many different businesses and people now and the possibilities just keep coming as does the inspiration from other pilots working around the world to put together films and footage that is inspiring and ultimately lets us bipedal humans see a little of what it is to fly. We’re breaking ground and teaching people about the new way to fly drones and produce footage that engages and impresses viewers.

Get in touch if you would like to explore the possibility of an fpv drone film for your business.

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