Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our Indoor Drone Tours detailing answers to questions we’re often asked.

What do you do and who are you?

We’re a small production company that make virtual drone tour films and are led by Phil Barnes an experienced photographer, film maker and drone pilot. We use standard and small lightweight and safe drones to film outside and inside your property making a unique and seamless first person tour film for marketing your business or services.

What sort of clients do you serve?

We produce films for marketing products and services. Whether you’re selling or renting a property, holiday letting, or office space, or want to show off your recently completed construction project, golf course or leisure facilities. Our films offer your clients a first person and immersive look at your work or property that supercedes simple photography or other virtual tours. If you’re a media company we can also hire our services to you to provide dynamic drone filming for your projects.

Can you fly your drones anywhere?

Our drone flying is governed by the CAA rules for UK drone operations so upon speaking to us we will research where you need us to fly and let you know if there are any concerns or restrictions. We fly a variety of drones including standard outdoor suitable drones and our specialist cinematic drones which are suitable for indoor and outdoor work. Our fleet includes drones that are very lightweight with enclosed propellors which can be safely flown around people and property.

How do you make the films?

First of all we correspond with you about your project to find out what it is you need. Then for filming we attend your property on a day on which the weather is suitable for filming, do a walk through to plan the film and discuss any particular points of interest or hazards with you, then we fly. The whole process takes anywhere between an hour and half a day depending on the conditions and the size of the property/facility you need filming. The footage is then returned to our studio for editing and film production and delivered to you as a finished film. The films can include your employees and members of the public but we always make sure that they give permission to be filmed and are aware of how to act if our small and lightweight drones are in close proximity to them.

What can we do with the film?

Our films can be used embedded on your website, social media platforms, or your Youtube site, used in adverts and more. We deliver HD quality films with licensed soundtracks and can include infographic overlays to provide facts and figures in addition to the visual spectacle.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we are qualified pilots with CAA accreditation, and are insured.

Can you provide a pilot for my film project?

Given the specialist nature of the drone filming we provide we are able to hire our services for film productions. We have multiple drones and equipment redundancy to service filming schedules and varied filming conditions.

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