Golf Driving Range and Course Drone Tour Film: Norfolk Premier Golf

Drone films of golf courses is not a new thing although they often lack a great deal of interest. In this film we introduce potential new customers to what’s on offer at this golf facility: from the Golf superstore, to the cafe, then the state of the art Top Tracer Driving Range, to a private Top Tracer driving range suite ideal for groups and then the 9 hole golf course itself which features briefly at the end of the film featuring after a low level run past a golfer in full swing. The tour takes just over a minute of a viewers time and yet highlights 5 main features available to visitors.

Normally a passerby at this facility would just see the gates to the premises advertising hoardings and a little of the course. Hopefully this film gives them a quick tour of what they could be enjoying if they take the short drive beyond the gates to the buildings beyond.

This film was done prior to the morning opening of the course, but with lightweight drones with enclosed propellors it’s possible to include people in such films for a more functional look at the facility in action.

Visit Norfolk Premier Golf here: Norfolk Premier Golf.

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