Gym Drone Tour Advert: Fitness at the Street

This is a short gym drone tour filmed to create a short social media advert for a local gym based at Salhouse in Norfolk. After a quick look at the premises, some work on making the premises look presentable to the path the drone was going to take, some positioning of volunteers, instruction and safety briefing filming took about 15- 20 mins with a couple of run throughs. Back in the office, the footage was graded, licensed music track, graphics and effects added and the film ready for release within a couple of days to introduce potential clients to the new gym in the area.

How much does this short 40 second film tell you about the gym within those 40 seconds? It tells you they utilise indoor and outdoor spaces, have an airy large facility stacked out with lots of equipment from weights to cardio equipment, tells you they have toilets, a lounge area for relaxing, and a lot to offer someone attending the gym- all within those 40 seconds. Does the person get bored of watching the film during those 40 seconds or have to grapple with navigating menus, use pointers or have any other barrier between them and the space and experience you’re selling? Hopefully no, they’re entertained, they’ve literally just flown smoothly through the space they could be using within days as their own gym!

This advert was designed to deliver quickly, not loose anyone’s attention and to entertain the viewer with it’s quick pace. Your space might need a slower pace, a longer tour and the addition of infographics, and we can deliver that too, so get in touch to advertise your business with a Flythrudronetour.

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