House Interior Drone Tour

When renting a house, apartment or flat for the private or holiday market or selling a house, apartment or flat, a house interior drone tour can be used to quickly show your potential market what you have on offer.

Completion of a house interior drone tour can be wrapped up in a couple of hours at most and a film produced in less than 48 hours. The completed film can easily replace even the best photographs, films and 3d tours or even in person tours where your market is unable to attend the property. The film shows you around the property in the first person. There’s no guessing which room connects to which, no need to click through 3d images, no need to consult floor plans and cross reference them with photographs it’s all there in one quick sitting!

With the film also having no need to cut necessarily between indoors and outdoor scenes as the drone can fly through door ways and windows you can not only experience the natural flow of moving around the property but also into outdoor spaces and then back in again to the interior.

In this film, the urban setting did require a little standard film work to introduce the property location and then the interior tour to show the flow of the house which is a short stay and holiday rental managed by P@DS in the picturesque and historic centre of Norwich. Infographics can be added to these films easily to further enhance the viewers experience and pack more information into a film which already delivers an immersive experience to the viewer.

If you’d like to book a drone tour for a property you’re selling or renting then please get in touch.

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