Industrial and Retail

Whether you’re showcasing your industrial business operations and factory or retail spaces, or selling and letting them, a virtual drone tour with Fly Thru Drone tours takes your customer in the first person for a guided tour.

This tour is immersive, fun and gives your customer all the information they need in an entertaining tour film with the option of additional infographics, and a ride that can be steady and smooth, or as wild as you like?

We show the outside and inside, the whole deal, and can put it in a package that takes a potential client only minutes to fully understand, and makes them want to show others the tour experience.

You could ask for photographs, video walk throughs, 360 tours, externals and internals but these all take time to film and produce. A Fly Thru Drone tour is comparatively very quick to film and produce, allowing you the chance to create minimum disturbance to the facility whilst getting a superior product.

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