Just a bit of b-roll fpv drone footage

When planning drone flights for film you print out maps, look at weather, sometimes get up really early so that it’s quiet, choose equipment which will make you compliant with drone law, plan the angles you’re going to shoot with the drone, where your take off and landing points are, whether your spotter will have line of sight of the drone flight, where each shot goes from and to and where the next shot will begin etc etc.

On an FPV drone shoot in Great Yarmouth earlier this year this was the case. One shot ended flying over the beach and the sea from the back of building but with the next shot we wanted a view along a roadway heading back toward the building in question. With a drone it’s often easier just to fly to the point at which you want to do the next shot rather than landing and then starting a new shot. In this case we had overview of both shot locations and both were within the limitations of how far we could fly from the pilot. With my spotter giving me updates by my side as to what he could see and with me flying the drone we worked out that I could safely transition between the two shots along the tide line of the beach at Great Yarmouth bringing the drone to a lower height in the process.

This we did, but film that would usually hit the cutting room floor as it were in a pre-digital age, was now a testament to the beautiful cinematic aspect of flying fpv drones, the real flight like characteristic that only the fpv drone can achieve. Although I didn’t fly it to look particularly cinematic as I was checking my position and then travelling between the shots, with a bit of music this footage of the Great Yarmouth sea front shows it’s beauty in full, particularly on a very early summers morning.

See the short b-roll snippet here:

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