Kitchen manufacturing workshop and Showroom Drone Tour

When this local kitchen design and manufacturing business said they’d like a drone tour I knew that the bespoke nature of their business would be laid bare by a full tour of both their showroom and their manufacturing workshop in one workshop and showroom drone tour.

The tour would show the onsite manufacturing process and the finished displays used to show customers the endless possibilities available to them when using a bespoke company. Not only that but the client would be able to take a quick tour, lasting no more than two minutes of their time, and in doing so would learn not only about the range of products produced by the company from bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens but also the fact that they have the natural capacity to produce both a bespoke product and make amendments without relying on long supply chains and shipping.

So not only do you have all the products and the process covered but you also have the peace of mind again all in a short film.

The filming process for this film took about an hour in total with only about 20 minutes of that hour taking valuable staff members away from their daily work. There was a walk around to decide upon a route to be taken by the drone, some movement of anything out of place, a quick briefing, then a following couple of flights to test transmission range and flight characteristics caused by the local environment and then we were onto about 4 flights of filming all of which lasted about 3 minutes. The process is made simple by experience in flying in different conditions, and skills learnt and hard earned over many many hours of practice.

I hope you like the film and if you’d like a workshop, factory floor, showroom or shop tour don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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