Leisure facilities

From Gyms and Golf clubs to Hotels, Holiday camps and Country clubs, our virtual drone tours will showcase your facility to potential clients in an immersive short film which shows them what you have to offer them if they pick your leisure facility to attend.

Our films take you from the outside to the inside. We can show the size of your facility from above and then fly down and through your reception, your rooms, around your staff, through your restaurant, along your greens, through your spa, over your pool everything is possible with FlyThruDroneTours. We can follow your golf buggies, show how high your diving board is, fly through your yoga class, around your air hockey table and then out onto a restaurant’s veranda.

Our drones include very lightweight models that are safe and legal to fly around people, so not only do you have the option of showing off your facilities but you can also show people using them. This allows potential customers to see the experience first hand, allows them to place themselves in the facility and the tour shows them everything on offer.

We produce short films, and even exciting excerpts for marketing films and social media shorts. The films are designed for web and social media use and include intros and outros, calls to action, licensed music, and we can also add infographics so when your client is watching the exciting FlyThruDroneTour they can also see how much an activity or club membership will cost them.

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