Nature Conservation drone films at High Ash Farm, Norfolk

A great passion here at FlyThruDroneTours is nature and the natural environment, and in addition to doing our business and building tours we’re hoping to do more with our drones to help people reconnect with nature, see it in a new perspective and appreciate and protect it more readily. David Attenborough and The Green Planet team with their skilled drone pilot Andrew Lawrence have already started the fpv nature conservation drone films ball rolling in earnest, exploring the new perspectives this type of drone filming can bring to an audience and I hope it continues onward at speed.

I’ve worked with the great people at High Ash Farm in Norfolk on a number of occasions as it’s a farm known for its nature conservation work and Chris Skinner’s regular nature programme on BBC Radio Norfolk. They work hard to create and manage an environment for nature and invite people onto the farm to enjoy the environment they have created. Some of the bluebell woods on the farm are usually private and used only by those riding around the farms extensive bridleway but each year the farm opens up a stunning tract of bluebell laden woodland for visitors to enjoy. This year I offered up an fpv drone film as a great way to experience this environment intimately without damaging it and to provide a short film to promote further bluebell open days in the years to come.

I hope you like the film and if you’ve a nature conservation project upon which you’d like a fresh perspective then please get in touch.

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