Norfolk Holiday Home Drone Tour Film

This film was produced for the property owner and management company of this beautiful holiday property. The brief was to firstly show the countryside situation of the property and the seclusion of the farm on which it is based. Secondly the clients wanted the pool and tennis court facilities available to their clients to be featured in addition to the apartment itself.

Guests have use of the pool, tennis court and a pool changing facility adjacent to the pool so the route taken by the ‘fly thru’ drone taken in this film includes the walk back from the pool to the apartment which takes guests through a garden in which the changing room is situated and then through their own private yard and finally up a set of steps to their accommodation. Another feature that I maintained should be highlighted in the film is the uninterrupted view from the balcony of the apartment and for this reason the drones path takes the viewer over the table and chairs that sit on the balcony and out into the air beyond. We dressed the table with some wine and cherries to draw a viewers eye to the use of this lovely space. Finally a quick visit to the tennis court and then another reminding overview of the property finish this film with a call to action at the end for those interested in booking a stay.

The film is finished with a licensed music track.

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