Norfolk Wildlife Conservation FPV Drone Film: Buckenham Ancient Woodland Trust

The BBC’s Green Planet series was one of the first to apply the unique filming attributes of fpv drone filming to wildlife and nature based filming. They did so using a skilled UK pilot who utilised small lightweight drones to offer a unique perspective and film experience to the audience, in essence a new way of seeing the world.

The birdlike flight of an fpv drone does offer unique viewing experiences and access to areas where other cameras, and drones can’t go to film. In this first film below from a year long Norfolk wildlife conservation fpv drone film project for the Buckenham Ancient Woodland Trust we can see the advantage of fpv drones.

The first advantage would be safe flight in close proximity to people as evidenced by sharing the pathways in this film with pedestrians (albeit members of the trust helping stealthily to make sure that the flight path is clear). The lightweight nature and guarded propellor design of the drone used makes it possible to fly around, up to and alongside people.

The second advantage is the fpv drones manoeuverability following the paths used through the woodlands is easily done and smoothly done so that there is no jarring movements which are normally with standard drones.

The third is the ability to fly. Fly over delicate species such as bluebells which are damaged if trodden upon. Fly through gaps where a camera operator can’t fit a camera and themselves. Fly up into a canopy from ground level, between branches and then back to close proximity to the ground.

All these things are enabled both by great knowledge of the drone being used which includes adjusting its settings and response to controls in great detail to obtain smooth and slow flight characteristics. They’re also testament to hundreds of hours of experience flying these drones, practicing the tiny adjustments necessary to fly a drone which doesn’t fly by wire but rather by raw skill.

In today’s market, cameras like the one mounted on the drone for this flight continue to improve, continue to get lighter in weight so that they can be carried by very lightweight machines. The camera used here can film in 5k can be used in a traditional landscape format but also for social media application in a vertical format.

This film is the first of many this year which will fly the same flight path, not because it’s programmed to but because I as the pilot will learn every turn and junction in what has become a path through the wood. It’ll get crowded with leaves, stems and more but will when multiple films are combined hopefully showcase a Norfolk woodland through a year of seasonal transitions.

If you think your organisation could benefit from having some fpv drone films to take your visitors to new places or some content for regular social media posts to advertise the work you do then please get in touch. Please watch the film below in 4k and visit the Buckenham Ancient Woodland Trust to learn more.

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