Norwich Virtual Apartment Tours with a Drone

If you picture a drone flying around your lovely apartment you’ve probably got visions of large propellor blades slashing through the air dangerously and a drone crashing to the floor in pieces with debris flying everywhere and to be fair if I was to take a standard drone inside an apartment that’s pretty much what I’d expect after a couple of minutes of flight. Thankfully though my Norwich Virtual apartment tours are a different kettle of fish!

First lets start with the drone, it’s very small, and its propellors are surrounded by plastic and foam bumpers so that if it does bump into anything exposed propellors don’t cause damage. The drone itself with its battery and cameras weighs in at less than 250 grams, that’s a 1/4 of a bag of sugar!

On the drone there’s a very small camera that feeds video directly to a pilot’s headset so the pilot sees what the drone can see, and steers it carefully with a controller in his/her hands. The pilot’s usually done at least 30 hours of training- I myself shudder to think how many hours I trained to fly this type of drone. A normal drone takes minutes to learn to fly which is probably why you shouldn’t try and fly it indoors!

Next there’s an onboard camera filming 4k footage to make films with, this is powered by the drones battery and sits above the pilots own live feed video camera. The footage from the camera is pretty stable anyway in the right well trained hands but then it’s stabilised so that it’s super smooth in the final product HD film.

The drone can fly through windows and doors, can fly outside and into the sky and then back into your apartment, can fly over baths, beds, tables, and sofas without stopping to create a film or part of a film that is a continuous tour experience that completely resembles walking and flying through an apartment or home. You naturally get to see how spaces and places inside and outside a residence flow into each other and the ride is smooth and fun!

Can it be used around people? Yes, due to it’s weight and small size you can fly the drone around people and it poses you very little risk to be in the same room, albeit it is a little noisy!

Why choose a drone tour? It’s unique, it’s new, it’s quick to film, and produces a great product that not only entertains the viewer naturally but offers a very unique perspective and experience.

Check out a Norwich Virtual Apartment Tour below and if you’d like to book the apartment for a stay go to

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