Office buildings

Virtual drone tour films that can sell or let your office spaces, or simply guide a potential client or employee around your business space or business operation to show the size, scale and brand of your company.

Our tour films can start showing the scale of your buildings from the exterior and then explore the interior of your office buildings or spaces, literally flying into reception and through your offices, work spaces and more.

We can fly safely and legally around people with our very light weight drones which have propellor guards around their propellors, can be instantly deactivated, and which the pilot guides using an onboard camera in addition to our film camera.

Our films are designed for web and social media use and you can use the whole thing or have excerpts to include in your designs or adverts. We can add intros and outros and use licensed professional music in addition to being able to add infographics if you’d like to both inform and entertain potential clients with your film.

The tour films are a triple threat, they’re entertaining and keep your audiences attention as they’re often filmed in ‘one take’ and take you on a journey, they’re cost effective and benefit from being quick to produce compared to traditional films, and they inform, teach, show your operation without any effort on your audiences behalf. Plus we can add infographics if you’d like to add information regarding floor space, costings, services etc.

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