Office building indoor drone tour film: Breakwater IT.

Drone tour films not only display spaces and places showing your potential clients your buildings, business and services but they can also show your great staff members and working environment. This film was a great shoot for a company I’ve worked with for a number of years now. They have great offices and had recently changed all their desk spaces to sit and stand desks, and interior designs and graphics so we just had to show off the office interior and the working environment the company encourage.

Still with fewer staff in the building than usual due to Coronavirus I planned to show the company’s commitment to the environment with their very own car charging stations in their car park featuring as the first part of the film. We then follow a team member into the ground floor office before flying around this and up to the second floor where clients are invited for meetings etc. Having toured the first floor with a little planned interaction between staff members we end on the MD greeting a team member in the meeting room complete with branding in the background.

Although in this film the intention was to show the working environment and size of this well established company to clients and potential clients the film also serves the purpose of showing potential employees a future working environment and could be used as a recruitment aid in a competitive industry for new staff members. The inclusion of staff members makes the environment much less sterile and not only interesting but allows us to see different functions of such things as the new sit/stand desks.

To other organisations such an interior drone tour film or indoor drone tour could show off a building project completion, architectural features and more featuring both exterior and interior in the finished film. To furnish such films infographics and standard titles can be added to the film to highlight subtle features of design or simply details about the project.

You can visit the Breakwater IT team here: Breakwater IT

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