Offices Virtual Drone Tour: CSSCloud, Norfolk

It’s always a great pleasure to work with businesses in the long term and I’m lucky to have many that I work for again and again as regular clients such as CSSCloud. This was the first time I was able to bring this client a virtual drone tour of their offices though so was great to find out how it felt to have a drone tour made, how much they liked it and were happy with the result and to also show what a virtual drone tour can deliver in terms of films but also visual content for web designs etc.

In this case the offices for the drone tour were a 2 storey facility with main office space, sub offices, breakout areas for staff and meeting rooms. We wanted the film to be available not only to advertise the company and their set up to prospective customers but also to prospective employees in the IT industry. To this end we filmed a fairly but not completely comprehensive tour of the building in two takes both being filmed about 4 times. This meant that we filmed the whole ground floor in one go after briefing everyone who was going to be involved, and then the whole upper storey in the next session again briefing each office space individually as to what to expect where we were going to fly, what not to do etc.

Elements of the two separate takes were then combined to make the finished films with the addition of a quick bit of additional footage of the front of the building as an introduction. Two films were made, a full tour running to about 1:45 seconds designed to introduce prospective employees to the firm and workspace, and then a shorter version as a company advert showing the premises, the employees and the departments within the company which ran to sub 1 minute.

The second shorter film was designed for social media application, short and sweet just like Facebook, Instagram and even Youtube like their films. The first film was designed to be embedded, or utilised for a targeted audience. In addition though to the films we also have valuable visuals, from the meeting rooms, to main offices, and staff breakout area. Footage of these areas can be cut for use on website headers, social media shorts and more.

Filming was great fun and held the interest of all involved. There was some top notch acting, some great pool playing and even some computer fixing. Unfortunately some of the phone calls during filming were real, but thankfully each sequence took only about half an hour to film 4 individual takes of each floor and didn’t disrupt the working day.

The question is did the chap below manage to pot the yellow ball, watch the short advert version of the film below to find out?

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