Pirate Adventure Golf Course Social Media drone Advert

Social media adverts ahead of significant yearly events are essential for most businesses, and never more so than after Covid. In this instance my client Norfolk Premier Golf was looking to create a social media based advert ahead of school Easter half-term when traditionally their adventure golf course will receive more custom and see more competition from other similar facilities.

This advert was filmed and edited in a single afternoon and evening, which is definitely an advantage of FPV drone film tours, and was then ready for a social media premiere!

The weather was brilliant sunlight wise but far from desirable as a strong wind was blowing despite forecasts to the contrary. After having already completed a practice session on the course to work out a division of the film into scenes and work out a route we’d use to show the action involved, we assembled the ‘talent’ and after a safety briefing and outlining the film’s scenes we filmed 4 scenes producing several ‘takes’ of each to provide enough material for the final production. In post, music, editing and sound effects were added and the film delivered in about a minute length in both standard and square formats for instagram and Facebook etc.

The FPV drone tour here provides the speed to cover ground quickly which is brilliant for producing short form content required of social media adverts, it also allows the camera to travel to angles that would be difficult, costly or impossible to make with standard equipment, and importantly it allows you to shoot an advert quickly and cost effectively.

If you’re interested in filming your leisure facility get in touch, we’re hoping to update our tour of a golf facility and driving range next and perhaps even produce some ‘golf ball’ following shorts.

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