Construction and Property: Indoor Drone Films

We produce short, immersive, informative and unique films designed advertise your construction projects or sell and rent your residential and holiday properties by giving the potential client an experience which allows them to view the site or property quickly and connect spaces intuitively via our virtual drone tours.

There’s no clicking through images, gazing at floor plans and trying to orientate them in your head, or getting bewildered by a 360 tour, there’s no “where does that go to” questions!

There’s the outside from above, showing the neighbourhood, and then there’s the outdoor to indoor transition where we can fly in and out of your patio doors to not only guess at what’s in the garden beyond but see it in the first person and tour the whole house smoothly and slowly so that you can see each room flow into the next.

The drones we use are lightweight and small and their small propellors are surrounded by propellor guards to stop them damaging anything. They’re light enough to use around people safely and we’ve lots of experience flying around the inside of houses. We’re insured and hold drone licenses for further peace of mind.

The tours themselves don’t take long to film compared with traditional photography, 360 photography and tour films, and the finished product can be brought to market quickly. We can brand the film with company logos, include licensed music and can have infographics added if you’d like to provide further information.

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