Sainsburys Centre Art Museum FPV Drone Filming

The summer of 2022 was very dry and hot as evidenced by scorched grassland in this FPV drone film work produced for the Sainsburys Centre Art Museum in Norwich. In addition to flying into and through the iconic building that the Sainsburys centre is, and around many priceless art exhibits, we also filmed the sculpture trail exhibits which are to be found in the University of East Anglia’s grounds. With the FPV drones we were able to provide aerial overviews before swooping in quickly to provide racing ground level footage flying through and around sculptures both in the UEA’s grounds and in the Centre itself. Excerpts from the film footage and short films produced can be found heading the Sainsbury Centre website and provide an immersive introduction to the centre.

Planning was of paramount importance in producing this film footage from providing plans for where footage would be shot, weather watching for safe conditions to fly, to safety checks, employing spotters to watch for dangers invisible to the pilot of the drone, to using lightweight drones to fly in close proximity to people safely and legally. We shot footage all day and worked around a very busy museum space, having a great experience working with the wonderful help of the inspirational team at the museum.

See a short film of some of the footage below.

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