Social Media Immersive Advert: FPV Drone Tour Film

Social media adverts need to be engaging and short to fulfil their role so this recently produced advert for Norwich Camping and Leisure aims to deliver lots of information to viewers in a short period of time and in an engaging format. FPV Drone tour film is a great way to produce adverts either as engaging footage or as a tour type advert as below. Norwich Camping and Leisure probably has the largest display of this type in the region and for this reason it’s great to advertise the display to potential clients who may wish to purchase a product or see it in person.

In this film we start with an overview of a field used to display camping awnings and tents, this is designed as an introduction to the subject which is this display field in itself. To then engage the audience we quickly cut to a swoop down into the display itself, to further show the range of awnings and tents offered by Norwich Camping in the immersive fly through. The speed of the drone allows the full display to be seen by the audience in the short period of time prescribed by social media advert attention spans, which is usually about 60 seconds, and we again finish on a quick overview and an outro screen of relevant contact information for those who’d like to see the display in person.

Further development of this advert type might include a slower fly through of the display area including people browsing the options with the drone flying around the people and into and out of the awnings and tents themselves.

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