Steam Museum Virtual Drone Tour

For this fly thru museum virtual drone tour we filled a narrow gauge train and a steam museum with volunteers and flew around them all to create a film and excerpts which would introduce an audience to this working museum’s collection of steam engines, organs, fairground ride and models all at Strumpshaw Steam Museum. The idea was to produce an evocative short advert that would hook the audience and both make them want to watch more and consequently find out more about this unassuming museum nestled 7 miles east of the city of Norwich.

The process of filming started with some practice flights through the museum to work out a route which would allow the film to flow, avoid dead ends and which could be achieved and have a satisfactory start and ending in a short film format. Practice flights also test for possible problems caused by airflow, signal loss and other unseen hazards prior to involving people in the filming process.

On the day we started with a safety briefing for the volunteers and staff taking part in the film. This covered the hazards related to the drone being used, fire precautions, instructions and information about the flight route of the drone which would be taken during the film. Although we had a good number of volunteers (between 20-30) we split the film into two parts to facilitate being able to use the same people filmed outside with the narrow gauge railway for the internal filming.

We discussed cues, starting points, flight paths, reactions and also did some sound recording of the machinery, organs and people enjoying the experience. The film was filmed in 4 external takes, and 3 internal takes, with each of these being a single flight of about 3-4 minutes.

To make the film more engaging we included movement of the train (on one take), a flight through a beam engines’ wheel in motion and followed a whole rotation of the carousel ride. The carousel despite being 88 years old approximately is capable of great speed so for safety on this occasion it is running at one of its slowest settings.

The client was presented with two versions of the fly thru tour, and will receive shorter excerpts adverts. The film is filmed and delivered in 4k resolution. Many thanks to all the staff, volunteers at the museum and voluntary extras involved in making this film without whom it wouldn’t exist.

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