Virtual drone tour, project completion virtual tour: Broadland Food Innovation Centre.

Construction project completion virtual tour films are sure to become a standard on completion of construction projects in the future. What better to show off a build after visualisations and drawings have been shown than a tour of the actual building using a small and safe drone viewing both the exterior and interior.

A drone tour has many advantages the first being that it is an experience in itself as the viewer of the film virtually flies through your building seamlessly navigating rooms, spaces and having views only easily achieved with a drone which doesn’t have many limits as to the viewpoints you can achieve.

In this case we were commissioned by those involved in the construction project to produce a tour film to advertise this new building, it’s facilities, functions and spaces to new clients in the food sector seeking premises from which to build their food related businesses. We had a great brief covering all the requirements of the film, had a meeting to discuss the route, a site visit to test transmission range through the building and then finally onsite filming which took about an hour to complete once the building had been prepared.

Preprepared with the titles to be used and supplied with the graphics for the various groups involved and contributors we were then able to edit the film within a couple of days so that it could be prepared for presentations given about the building and it’s future.

If you have a similar construction project that you would like filmed upon completion or even during it’s development then please get in touch. See the long version of the film below, this is a tour for interested parties, a shorter version running for 1 minute was also produced to introduce the facility.

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