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When a client contacts you having seen your films and wants you to help them sell a house it’s a great privilege. The drones we use are capable of flying around and into a private or commercial property to produce virtual house tours and building tours to help in marketing a property.

On this occasion the client was worried that photographs alone would not show off the property which is being sold in Winter faithfully or too it’s full extent. I did the usual investigation on Google maps that a buyer would also do prior to visiting the property and was very surprised on visiting to find the property quite different to what I expected. I’d been told that there was a small lake or large pond on site but google maps couldn’t show me it’s size or it’s three dimensional nature sitting as it was in a large basin in the garden surrounded by decking including a dining area, fishing jetty and boat house, none of which appeared in my search as they’re hidden beneath trees. I quickly realised why the client thought it would be a good idea to utilise FPV drone footage to capture the garden. There are a lot of small pathways, lots of tree cover obscuring details and obstructions to an easy line of sight survey.

The film I produced I quickly decided would feature some traditional elevated drone views to introduce a potential buyer to the property from above to avoid obstructions in ground level line of site. The film would then progress to a tour using the FPV drone to show some ground and water level views on a sinuous route around the garden area. Ideally a film should be 60-120 seconds in length, with this film being just over 2 minutes. Hopefully the idea is that with initial overviews the client will then invest more time if they are interested in the whole film which then shows the garden pathways and details.

When producing such films, the usual constraints regarding drone laws and privacy concerns are paramount. On this occasion the Ministry of Defence needed to be consulted prior to the flight as the property sits in an area where airborne traffic is strictly monitored. We also had to ensure that the drone footage didn’t show details of neighbours gardens etc.

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