Visitor Experience Advert: Gardens and Nature Reserves

As an fpv drone operator I’m always looking at what my skill in flying and recording film can bring to a visitor experience advert. The first is a new perspective, that of flying not above but in close proximity to the ground and in close proximity to the things a visitor will experience. However this flying experience also allows us to explore more areas such as the canopies of trees or over water features and also allows us to do so in a fluid manner without having to stop for terrain which would stop a traditional camera operator.

The next thing an fpv drone operator can bring is much more exposure for your average viewer attention span. A normal social media based ad is at most about a minute in length, fast cut aways and new scenes are often used to share as much as possible with a viewer in this time but with fpv the speed at which the drone can travel in a natural way with fewer interruptions to your scene, gives the viewer valuable longer snippets of more of the environment or experience you are trying to advertise.

For the following advert for Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden we were keen to show off the beauty of the garden and woodland in the evening light as we are advertising summer late opening at the garden. This included the unique views offered, the plants, the blossoms and blooming flowers of early summer and even the wild swimming activity that takes place on a Wednesday evening on the sites local broad.

I hope you like the short film, and if you would be interested in a film for your visitor experience of your attraction, nature reserve, theme park etc then please get in touch for a chat?

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