Wedding Venue Virtual Drone Tour Fly Through: Bateman’s Barn Norfolk/Suffolk Border.

Choice of time of year to complete a wedding venue virtual drone tour fly through is always important. In this example we’ve chosen May, with newly emerged bright green leaves, cow parsley in meadows, and lots of cherry blossom, all of which add colour and interest to what is already a beautiful rural wedding venue.

When filming a location such as Bateman’s Barn I wanted to cover all the ground and show off what this place is about: rural setting, characterful barn, relaxed alfresco seating, great area of grassed meadow, beautiful old hall and ancient ruin, the moat, the tree lined driveway, the car parking area, and the outdoor meadow based faux chapel which is brilliantly finished. Thankfully having a range of FPV drones to utilise I opted to use a drone perfectly capable of flying the distance required of a continuous fly through experience on this large site and which could counter the strong wind blowing across the site on the day of filming. This allowed me to film the whole thing with very little left out, and from the continuous one take produced I’ll be able to produce further shorter films and clips with each serving a different purpose.

Wedding venues have open days when those who are interested and those who have booked to marry attend both to check the venue out but also to plan where their invited guests will go, where vendors will be based, where the garden games or bouncy castle could be put, how far the guests will have to walk to the firepit or the area for group photographs etc etc. My idea here was to enable the prospective clients to visit virtually and to again visit visually to plan out their day. In starting from the very point where guests and visitors alike turn off the road onto the property I also wanted to guide them in to where they’ll be, including taking them all the way to the guest carpark, and then onto the area where they might have reception drinks or gather before a ceremony.

This film is a lot to take in and not necessarily for the casual observer. Shorter versions will be ‘cut’ for social media use to promote the venue, teasers if you will, and clips will also be cut which can be used in website banners etc so that the static images can be moving engaging, enticing images.

Anyway have a look at the film at the bottom of this page on the Youtube link, crank up the gear icon to high quality and enjoy a flight through possibly one of the most attractive wedding venues in the East of England, and get in touch if you think your venue deserves a fly through tour.

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